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We are bankruptcy lawyers.  Stop mortgage foreclosure.  Stop harassing credit card calls.  Obtain a fresh start.  We are a law firm positioned to help you.  We can help you consolidate your debt, have it modified or eliminated  We can help you with chapter 7 debt and chapter 13 debt problems.  We have been solving credit and debt issues for more than 25 years.  Bankruptcy, chapter 7, chapter 13, mortgage modification and debt consolidation are our areas of special expertise.  If you are falling behind on your credit card payments, mortgage payments or are in foreclosure, call us now.  We can stop sheriff sales, mortgage foreclosure, collection suits and the harassing telephone calls.  Your life will get much better, quickly.  We can provide immediate debt relief.

The Mortgage Modification Program is not working for millions of people.  If you have missed mortgage payments, credit card payments or are in mortgage foreclosure, we can help you.  You do not have to move!  We can help you keep your home no matter what stage of foreclosure you are in.  Call us now.
Don't waste your money paying private debt consolidation agencies.  We have the law to help you.  Don't roll over for your mortgage company or your credit card creditors; don't listen to them.  Don't give up.  Fight back with a bankruptcy lawyer.
Bankruptcy Lawyer Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County

William D. Schroeder, Jr. is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.  
If debt collectors have told you you can't file bankruptcy any longer, don't listen to them; they are giving you bad information.  We hear terrible stories from our clients about collection telephone calls they receive.  The newspapers are full of debt consolidation stories on scam companies.  The economy is a mess; people and companies are taking advantage of you.  Don't be a victim.  Call us for help.
  1. You have questions about bankruptcy chapter 7 debt, chapter 13 debt, chapter 11 debt, debt consolidation, debt negotiations and repayment plans.  You are facing difficult choices and questions.  You need someone with the knowledge and experience to lead you through your financial crisis.  We are professional, courteous and confidential 215-822-2728 or click Contact Us for bankruptcy help.
  2. We are lawyers serving Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia and Berks Counties and the Lehigh Valley.  We use the collection laws, consumer protection laws, and bankruptcy laws to defend foreclosures and collection lawsuits to get people debt free and onto debt repayment plans as appropriate.
  3. We will stop a foreclosure or sheriff sale on your home immediately with a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  You will receive a fresh start and keep your property.  A reorganization will likely eliminate your credit card debt and free up your cash.  A court approved debt repayment plan will be established which your mortgage company must accept.  Lawsuits and harassment will be stopped.  You get your life back.
  4. A bankruptcy has benefits you don't even know about; for the situation you are in, it has very few negatives.  The information and advice your family members or friends are giving you about bankruptcy is probably wrong; they just don't know.  Don't listen to  the collectors who call you; their job is to collect money from you.  Get the real information you need.  Call us for a fresh start today. 215-822-2728.
  5. If you have a sub-prime mortgage, we can help you keep your home.  Don't let your house be taken in mortgage foreclosure.  We have strategies to stop the foreclosure even though you have not paid.  Don't act without our advice and counsel.  You don't have to move.   The mortgage company and collectors tell you to move.  THEY ARE WRONG!
  6. Don't take money from your retirement plan, 401(k) or IRA without meeting with us first.  Don't enter into a debt repayment plan without meeting with us; if you are currently in a debt consolidation, you should still meet with us.  We can eliminate your debts, credit cards and protect you and your property.   We can file a chapter 7, 13, or 11 bankruptcy if you need immediate protection from your creditors.
  7. Don't let your creditors or your debts hurt you.  Make an appointment today to get the help and fresh start you need.  Call us at 215-822-2728, consultations are $50 per half-hour.  You will receive more than you pay for. 
For persons who  are overwhelmed by debt, or are divorcing, have been arrested, are facing mortgage foreclosure or are experiencing a significant problem in life, You need a lawyer who will fight for you.

We provide debt consolidation help, creditor negotiations, financial planning or the protection and fresh start a bankruptcy can give.
Our firm is established to help you with important legal matters concerning bankruptcy, divorce, DUI and arrests. We can help you. If you need a lawyer in Montgomery County, Bucks County, or anywhere in the Philadelphia region, Contact Us.
Major credit cards accepted.       bankruptcy lawyer payment method
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You can call us now at 215-822-2728 or Contact Us by email.
  • If you are troubled by debt and need debt consolidation or debt relief, we can help.
  • If you need to file bankruptcy, we can help.
  • If you are being sued, are in mortgage foreclosure, facing a sheriff sale, have had your car repossessed or are going to have your electricity shut off, we can help.
  • If you are in an unhappy relationship and are facing a divorce, child support or custody, we can help.
  • If you have been injured in an accident or at work, we can help.
  • If you need your driver's license, have been charged with DUI or have other driving licensing issues, we can help. 
  • If you are buying or selling real estate or have a title problem, we can help.
  • If you need a will, power of attorney or need to probate an estate, we can help.
Click here for more information on specific areas of law: Services, FAQ, or News.

You can call us now at 215-822-2728 or Contact Us by email.

My staff and I provide professional, courteous and confidential legal services. I have been practicing law for 24 years.

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  • If you would like a speaker for your community group or church concerning this and other financial issues, please call us.
  • Please be mindful that this web site is to help you find an attorney and is for informational purposes only, not legal advice; the information throughout this website is not and must not be substituted for sound legal advice. Only a lawyer can take your facts and apply the law to those facts for an outcome which is in your best interests.  Call us now for help 215-822-2728. 

4/8/2014 - 
Condo/HOA fees in bankruptcy

Condominium fees and HOA dues can be a burden on anyone who files a chapter 7 or chapter 13.  There are special provisions in the association doc
3/31/2014 - 
Do the phone calls EVER stop?

Yes they do!  A chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will put an immediate end to the creditor harrassment.  We can help you even before the filing o
3/27/2014 - 
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Use a chapter 13 to stop sheriff sales, tax levies, mortgage foreclosure.  This bankruptcy will also get rid of your credit card and medical debt
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