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Fight Back!
Tired of getting beaten up by creditor phone calls and abuse?  Fight back now! Whether it is debt consolidation you want or chapter 7 bankr… more

Mortgage Modifications
We are seeing successful mortgage modifications for our clients. People have been frustrated with hundreds of faxes, telephone waiting and unres… more

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
If you are facing a sheriff sale of your home, a mortgage foreclosure or are behind on your mortgage, a Chapter 13 Bankrutpcy may be right f… more

Mortgage Modifications/Debt Consolidation
Know that even if you have filed a bankruptcy or have had one mortgage modification already, you may still be able to have your mortgage modified agai… more

13.5 Million Bankruptcy Filings
In the past years more than 13.5 million Americans and businesses have filed for bankruptcy. This is about 4% of America. If you are strug… more

Bankruptcy testimonials
We have added several recent letters from clients who feel well served having filed for chapter 7 or chapter 13. If you are undecided about fili… more