Criminal Defense FAQ

Criminal Defense FAQ

I was arrested and the police let me go; what happens next?
You will receive a certified letter from a district court in a few weeks. Sign for the letter and make an appointment. You will need a Bucks or Montgomery defense attorney.

Do I really need a lawyer?
Yes. That’s why we have The Constitution.

The police never read me my rights; can’t I get the charges dismissed?
Maybe, if the police need the statement you made in order to convict you.

The officer said if I cooperate I can get the charges dismissed; is this true?
Unlikely, he is the guy who is arresting you.

I only had two beers; I don’t think I was over the limit.
The police did and you have to convince the judge you were not.

How much is this going to cost?
It depends on the charges against you and the facts of the case. You are not buying a hoagie; you are dealing with your life, reputation and liberty. We will discuss the nature and extent of your fee at the end of the consultation. Our charge for a consultation is $50 for one-half hour of time; you will receive more than you pay for. We cannot quote fees over the telephone or via email.

License Suspension

I paid the fine for a traffic citation at the district court and thought that was it; now PennDOT is suspending my license; what happened?
This is called collateral civil consequence and it happens to people all the time and it is not good. When you paid the ticket, you paid a criminal fine and court costs. The court did not suspend your license; the court is required to notify PennDOT and PennDOT is required to suspend your license or assign points depending upon the violation. No one but your lawyer will tell you about that.

The fine and costs are only $300.00; do I really need a lawyer?
You bet you do.  See what we have written above. The key to success is early involvement by your lawyer.

Can I get a Bread and Butter license?
Maybe. It depends upon the type of citation and suspension you have. There are two types of B&B licenses. One is the Occupational Limited License (OLL) and the other is a Probationary License (PL). We need to look at your driving history, what citations are outstanding and what you have been convicted of.

I’ve gotten so many letters from PennDOT I don’t know what end is up. What should I do?
Don’t give up on yourself even if you have lots of citations or convictions; you have to get this straightened out before you die, so why not start now? Consult with us. We will contact PennDOT and the courts and get to the bottom of it all; you will get your license back and maybe sooner than you think.

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