Mortgage Modification Benefits

Mortgage Modification Benefits

Everyone wants mortgage modification, but not everyone gets it. The process is long and difficult. The banks frustrate people. Our law office cuts through the red tape and has the power to get banks attention.

If you have the desire to have your mortgage modified, you will do well to consult with us to determine if mortgage modification is the right way for you to go. Keep in mind that mortgage servicers collect extra fees during default periods. These servicers benefit from the default process. To a certain degree they are at odds with their investors.

  • Keep your home
  • Obtain a lower interest rate and/or payment
  • Extends loan terms
  • Can possibly add the arrears to the back end of the loan
  • Avoids foreclosure
  • Avoids bankruptcy
  • Is an arduous process
  • There is a transactional cost

Our attorneys and staff will give you legal help and the relief you need. We will explain the benefits you receive as part of the debt relief and fresh start the law provides.

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