Divorce FAQ

Divorce FAQ

It’s been ninety days; why can’t I be divorced?
The ninety day time period refers just to the time needed to sign your mutual consent affidavits. If there is no property to be divided and things go smoothly, you can be divorced a few weeks after that.

Is property division always 50/50?
No; the legal process is known as “Equitable Distribution”. The law considers the circumstances of the parties. What is right for a three year marriage with no children is significantly different for a forty year marriage in which the wife has been the homemaker, cared for the children and the husband has worked the entire time.

Why can’t one lawyer represent us both?
Think about it; your self interest is in making sure you get all to which you are entitled. A lawyer can’t serve two masters who have opposite intentions.

We are separated and I have the children. What do we do next?
It depends. If he walked out, get in here and we will file custody and support petitions so you can have stability in your life. If you separated by agreement and are waiting to see if you are going to get back together, then you may choose to do nothing. This probably is not the best thing but it is a choice. Really, what happens depends upon your unique circumstances. We will discuss this at the consultation.

We are a same sex couple and are now separating. What should I do?
You have property rights that need to be protected. You have questions about support and alimony. We will discuss these during your consultation.

How much is this going to cost?
If you and your spouse want to fight forever, it will cost a lot. The better practice is to come to the reality that your life is going to be different. There will now be less money to go around.

Become well informed; consider the many issues of your divorce and its circumstances. You can then make rationally based decisions with your lawyer from there. Doing it this way will save you money.

We will discuss the nature and extent of the costs at the end of the consultation.

Our charge for a consultation is $50 for one-half hour of time; you will receive more than you pay for. We cannot quote fees over the telephone or via email.

Let us know what questions you would like to see. Email us your questions/comments; no one will call you unless you ask us to. Thank you.

Please be mindful that this web site is to help you find an attorney and is for informational purposes only, not legal advice; the information throughout this website is not and must not be substituted for sound legal advice. Only a lawyer you have retained can take your facts and apply the law to those facts for an outcome which is in your best interests.