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We represent people in divorce, property settlement matters, child support, child custody and divorce settlement agreements. When you need legal help, we are the lawyers who you should turn to.

When you, or your spouse, have decided that it is time to separate or divorce, you need a family law attorney who can protect your best interests. Getting divorced, dividing property, your home, your retirement plans, child custody decisions, paying alimony and child support, are all very difficult matters even under the best of circumstances. You must find a lawyer who understands your needs and will lead you through the process to get you the best possible outcome in Montgomery or Bucks County.

When you know it is time to move on with your life or your spouse has filed for divorce, we are the lawyers you can trust to provide the legal help you need. During your consultation, we will discuss how to best approach all of your family law concerns and what you can expect as this difficult path unfolds.

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