Foreclosure FAQ

Foreclosure FAQ

Is foreclosure the same as sheriff sale?
Yes, a mortgage foreclosure judgment will result in a sheriff sale.

I sent my mortgage company several payments and they were sent back, why?
Because you are at the stage in foreclosure in which the mortgage company wants all of the arrears at once or it wants your house. They are done screwing around. They don’t care that they will get less at a sheriff sale. It is now time for you to get serious. Come in here; we can help you.

The sheriff gave me a foreclosure complaint at 7 A.M. What do I do now?
A response needs to be filed within 20 days. This is what we do; get in here now and bring the complaint with you.

The sheriff sale has been scheduled. Is there any way to stop it?
Yes. There are several things you can do. The best choice depends upon your individual circumstance. We need to discuss your situation in detail in the privacy of my office.

Once I receive a foreclosure notice, when do I have to leave?
Maybe never. We can fight this for you and you can stay. Despite what the mortgage company is telling you, you have several favorable options, which we will discuss.

The Sale Notice has been posted on my door. It is embarrassing. Can I take it down without getting in trouble?

Will I be locked out of my house?
Generally, only after a sheriff sale happens and an ejectment complaint has been filed. However, sometimes people get locked out prior to that happening. Don’t let it get to that point; make an appointment today.

When do I have to get my possessions out of the house?
If you have given up the ship, have your items out before the sale. You don’t have to give up though, come in for a consultation. You will be surprised at the choices you have. 

How can I avoid foreclosure?
Pay your mortgage. See us for the solution; there are several options, all to your benefit.

Let us know what questions you would like to see. Email us your questions/comments; no one will call you unless you ask us to. Thank you.

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