Foreclosure Benefits

Foreclosure Benefits

A foreclosure focuses your attention. The mortgage company is forcing you to take action. Now is an excellent time to address how you and your family are going to move forward. You need professional guidance, understanding and advice. Our office provides this. We are well versed in helping people in foreclosure and sheriff sale settings. Please read our testimonials page.

People fall behind in their mortgages all the time and for many different reasons: job loss, divorce, injury, etc. All these cause tremendous stress. Our office is here to help you sort matters out, create a solution and make that solution work.

You do not have to give your home up, but you can if you want. Either way, we will fashion a solution which is best for you and your family.

  • File an answer with the court
  • Obtain court orders to force mortgage company disclosures
  • Use as leverage for mortgage modification
  • Sheriff sale is delayed a good length of time. If not indefinitely.
  • Forces you to weigh your options
  • May allow a short sale of the property

Our attorneys and staff will give you legal help and the relief you need. We will explain the benefits you receive as part of the debt relief and fresh start the law provides.

Please be mindful that this web site is to help you find an attorney and is for informational purposes only, not legal advice; the information throughout this website is not and must not be substituted for sound legal advice. Only a lawyer you have retained can take your facts and apply the law to those facts for an outcome which is in your best interests.