Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested, received notice to appear in court or if you have a loved one who is locked up, make an appointment for a consultation to review your particular situation. Criminal charges, drinking and driving charges are serious issues which can affect you for your lifetime. You have regrets and you need to be protected.

The role of the defense attorney is to defend the accused. This is our Constitution and Bill of Rights in action.

Sample case:

The charges were hit and run. Before she became my client she went to the preliminary hearing at the district justice with her husband but no lawyer. She was held for court and only thereafter retained me. We were able to dispose of the case without the risk of trial and she was pleased.

However, if she had come to me before the first hearing it is likely we would have gotten a better result, more quickly and at less expense. Protect yourself at all times. Retain an attorney early in the process. 

License Suspension

It is imperative to know the Vehicle Code, PennDOT regulations and the elements of proof the Commonwealth must prove in order to obtain a conviction on your violation. It is important to know when to try a case and when a satisfactory, non-trial disposition can be reached. Guilty pleas can have far reaching effects on your license that you do not know about.

Our office provides representation for license suspension and traffic offenses. If you have received a ticket or have had your license suspended, you should call us now. Pleading guilty and paying the fine for a traffic offense may seem to you to be the best way out of your problem but you will regret the result once you see what PennDOT does to you license.

Sample Case:

A young male pled guilty to one citation but not the other; he then consulted with me on the second. We were able to reverse the guilty plea before it got processed to PennDOT and then addressed both citations in court to obtain a satisfactory result for the client. His license would have been suspended fo r a year because of the first citation but because of our strategy and quick action, it was not.


A friend of mine, who is a lawyer, was cited for “Failure to stop for school bus with flashing red lights”. The penalty after a finding of guilt was a sixty day loss of license suspension, five points on her license and payment of lots of money. She represented herself at the magisterial district justice and lost. She then appealed to the court of common pleas at the county level and had a fellow lawyer in her law firm represent her at trial; she lost again. Her license was suspended for six months; it was difficult for her and her family.

I have represented several people concerning the same citation. None have lost their license. My friend never talked to me about the case. I wish she would have.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) 

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Being charged with DUI is one of the most stressful times in person’s life. You need to find a lawyer; you need legal help which will put your life back together as quickly and as smoothly as possible. DUI charges could bring jail time, large fines and loss in insurance or significant increase of your premiums.

You need legal help and protection immediately. Call our office now for a consultation. We will discuss your DUI in detail and begin planning your defense.

Did you know that in 2012 Pennsylvania had fewer highway deaths from accidents than in any year since 1994? Everyone, keep up the good work and let’s get better every year. If you are unfortunate to be in an accident, call us as soon as possible.

Please be mindful that this web site is to help you find an attorney and is for informational purposes only, not legal advice; the information throughout this website is not and must not be substituted for sound legal advice. Only a lawyer you have retained can take your facts and apply the law to those facts for an outcome which is in your best interests.