Benefits of JR Law

Why Use JR Law?

We have developed strategies to defend and defeat mortgage foreclosures without the aid of bankruptcy. These defenses are based upon the sub-prime mortgage mess and are there to help you keep your home. Don’t be a victim of these terrible loans made by unethical lenders. 215-822-2728

We can keep you in your house when the sheriff shows up. You need to bring the lawsuit to our office so we can defend it. You only lose if you do nothing. Because you have not paid your mortgage in many months does not mean you have to move out. Make an appointment with us to learn how we can help.

We often see people who ask “Bankruptcy is so bad; shouldn’t I use a debt consolidation agency or sell my house to that nice investor who showed up at my door?” Not if you really want to get your life back together now. Filing for bankruptcy is not what people think it is. There is a lot of bad information out there. Spouses, Parents and Friends have no idea of the benefits of the process; there are numerous advantages to filing a petition. You get to keep your property and receive a fresh start. There is an immediate end to harassing telephone calls, lawsuits are stopped in their tracks, there is no tax liability, you get to keep your home, car and property including your retirement plans. Sometimes there is repayment of money and in other times there does not have to be repayment.

With credit repair businesses your credit is bad anyway. That bad credit will stay on your credit report for seven years from the time you finish paying. If you pay less than full amount you owe, you will likely will have to pay federal income tax on the amount forgiven. With a bankruptcy fresh start, your credit begins to repair itself immediately; you can get a first rate mortgage two years after filing and there is no tax to be paid.

Don’t I lose everything if I file bankruptcy? No. The law allows you to keep your property through the use of exemptions.

Stop messing around and get in here. You have punished yourself enough.