Mortgage Modification

Mortgage Modification

The big banks have entered into national mortgage modification settlements with the Department of Justice and state attorneys general. These new settlements present qualified opportunities for homeowners to achieve significant modifications of their mortgages. Modifications have been difficult, if not impossible, for many homeowners for the past several years. Our law office has been successful in obtaining mortgage modifications for homeowners.

Does the following sound familiar? Mortgage companies have you sit on the phone for hours on end and fax papers countless times. You send thousands of dollars to out of state mortgage modification companies (many of these are scams) and get nothing for your money. We are a local law firm that will handle your modification efficiently and responsibly. Costs are fair and reasonable. You will be pleased with how efficiently we work to obtain your mortgage modification.

If you have missed mortgage payments or are in mortgage foreclosure, if you are facing a sheriff sale, we can help you. You do not have to sell your home or bend to the will of your bank.

We can help you with your home no matter what state of foreclosure you are in.

Don’t delay, make an appointment today. The earlier you face this problem head on, the better your chance for an effective and less expensive result.

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