Bankruptcy FAQ

Bankruptcy FAQ

Do I lose everything by filing bankruptcy?
NO, NO, a thousand times NO. The law allows you to keep your property and only sell or surrender what you no longer want.

Aren’t I better off using a debt consolidation service as seen on TV or heard on the radio?
NO WAY! You should hear the horror stories clients have told me they went through before they came to my law office. Like the client who paid $465/month for 40 months and still owed the same $40,000 after that time – which we got rid of with a bankruptcy filing!

The sheriff showed up with foreclosure papers. Do I have to move?
No, you may not even need to file bankruptcy. There are ways to stop or slow foreclosure so you can get the money to re-instate or modify your mortgage. Or we can file a chapter 13 to place you on a court approved repayment plan which the mortgage company must accept.

Debt collectors tell me I can’t file bankruptcy any more. Is this true?
No. They just say that so you will send them money. The law changed a bit in October, 2005 but you can still file a chapter 7 or 13. We will explain how filing can help you eliminate or consolidate debt.

Won’t my credit be wrecked for 10 years?
No. The filing stays on your report but it will not stop you from getting a fresh start. Believe it or not you will be able to buy a home 2 years from now at excellent interest rates. You need to come in to consult with us so we can explain what you find difficult to believe!

My creditors are calling me at all hours and at home and work. Are they allowed to do this?
Yes, but there are several ways to stop them. We will handle this for you.

What is the difference between Chapters 7, 13 and 11?
A chapter 7 is used most often for people who do not own a home. Chapter 13’s are used to stop mortgage foreclosures, sheriff sales and tax collections. 11’s are for businesses. We work in all areas.

My car is on its last legs; can I buy a car and then file?
Yes. We can tell you how.

My bank accounts are frozen. Can you help me?
Yes, but we need to take quick action. Get in here today!

I am losing my house, my family and my mind. What should I do?
Get in here today; we can help. 

Let us know what questions you would like to see. Email us your questions/comments; no one will call you unless you ask us to. Thank you.

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