Criminal Defense Benefits

Criminal Defense Benefits

I represented a person accused of assaulting two individuals with a meat cleaver. He was facing 7-10 years in state prison if convicted. All lawyers can’t be all things to all people. I made sure he was represented by an attorney who does nothing but criminal defense. After a jury trial he was found not guilty of aggravated assault; he was found guilty of a much lesser offense and was placed on probation.
We can put you in touch with the right people at no extra charge to you.

License Suspension

Personal involvement by me every step of the way in evaluating the facts of your case, ascertaining probable outcomes, making personal contact with the police and courts, sorting out what happened to each citation you ignored, plead guilty to or is outstanding. Counseling and advising you, the client, on how to get your problem cleared up.

  • Stay out of jail
  • Have someone protect you from the power of the Commonwealth, the police and district attorney
  • Make sure you understand the consequences of your actions
  • Make sure you understand a guilty plea including the often overlooked civil collateral liabilities to your driver’s license
  • Address and negotiate resolution of multiple charges
  • Try the case if necessary and appropriate
  • Be confident knowing someone is in your corner

Our attorneys and staff will give you legal help and the relief you need. We will explain the benefits you receive as part of the legal process and fresh start the law provides.

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