Areas of Practice

We Can Help You

Our office helps people who are troubled by legal problems. We also provide legal services for people who are:  

  • Troubled by debt and need debt consolidation or debt relief
  • Needing to file bankruptcy
  • Being sued, are in mortgage foreclosure, facing a sheriff sale, have had your car repossessed or are going to have your electricity shut off
  • In an unhappy relationship and are facing a divorce, child support or custody proceeding
  • Divorcing and dividing marital property
  • Have been injured in an accident or at work
  • Have been arrested
  • Have been charged with DUI or have other driving/licensing issues and need your driver’s license
  • Buying or selling real estate or have a title problem
  • In need of a will, power of attorney, living will/healthcare declaration or need to probate an estate

When creditors are calling, when the sheriff comes and delivers a mortgage forecloser or collection lawsuit come see us. If you have had enough and need help with credit cards, we can deliver the help you need.

Don’t roll over for your mortgage company. Simply because you have not paid your mortgage does not mean you must move out! We have developed strategies to defend foreclosure lawsuits until such time as you can obtain mortgage modification or refinance your home. Don’t believe the lender’s representative; they are not acting in your best interest. We can save your house for you.

We represent people who are overwhelmed by debt. If you are considering filing a bankruptcy, chapter 7 or 13, or would like to know more about the effect of a bankruptcy, you should meet with us.

Do not sell your home or cash out your retirement plan, we can arrange matters so you can keep them and eliminate your debt.

People who use our driver’s license services either have:

  • Received a traffic ticket
  • Driver’s license issues
  • A lost or suspended license

Consult with us as soon as possible and definitely before responding to a driving citation.

If you need a personal injury lawyer, a bankruptcy lawyer, a divorce or family lawyer in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks or Berks Counties or a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia you need to contact us now.

If you have a matter of law in an area in which we personally do not practice, we will see to it that you are represented by counsel whose practice specifically covers your needs.