Debt Consolidation Benefits

Debt Consolidation Benefits

People do not want to file bankruptcy. They would prefer to pay all of their debt if they had the money. If you are willing to pay something toward your debt, pay over a period of time and accept that your credit won’t get better quickly, than Debt Consolidation is for you.

The benefits of Debt Consolidation:

  • No more annoying phone calls
  • Often one monthly check
  • Debt is negotiated
  • Your creditors receive something
  • You keep your property
  • You are likely to stay out of court

The drawbacks of Debt Consolidation:

  • Credit does not repair anytime soon
  • Interest can continue to accrue
  • Not all creditors will participate
  • It can take a number of years
  • Expensive legal and administrative costs
  • There are better and less costly alternatives

Our attorneys and staff will give you legal help and the relief you need. We will explain the benefits you receive as part of the debt relief and fresh start the law provides.

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