To address anxiety during this time of COVID-19 we have established a system for your peace of mind to prepare wills, health care declarations (a/k/a a living will) and powers of attorney using a remote system.  We will meet with you by phone or facetime; your estate documents will be drafted and emailed to you for review and discussion; once your documents have been been finalized, you will be able to sign them with peace of mind, knowing they are valid for estate or medical provider use. Your will, health care declaration and power of attorney will express your wishes and be legally binding.  Email or call us for an appointment.
215-822-2728  schroeder@jrlaw.org




We are lawyers who file bankruptcies for individuals, couples and small businesses. Our law firm files chapter 7, 13 and 11.  The country is entering uncertain times.  It is important that you do not waste your money; many people will go through their savings and retirement trying to hold off creditors and in trying to get out of debt.  There are many evolving strategies to keep ALL of your property, money, and retirement.  We can fight the creditors to get you a better deal and often times get rid of them completely while you maintain your integrity and sanity.  Before you act unwisely, become informed; draw on our 35 years of experience.  Call or email to schedule a telephone consultation.  215-822-2728  schroeder@jrlaw.org



It is now reported that 3.4 Million mortgages are or will be going delinquent in April.  We can help you with your mortgage no matter what the status of your payments.  You may have missed your first payment; perhaps you have missed three payments and received your Pennyslvania Act 6 and 91 letters; these are notices warning you the mortgage company intends to foreclose.  Has the sheriff been to your home to deliver the mortgage foreclosure lawsuit?  Is your house scheduled for sheriff sale?  Wherever you are in the foreclosure process, we can help.  You have options and law which will get you out of your predicament without the pain the mortgage company demands.  Call or email us for a consultation.  schroeder@jrlaw.org




COVID-19 has created challenging times.  Loss of a job, loss of work is hitting America hard.  We have 40 million unemployed, another 10 million small businesses that can’t open.  Work as disappeared.  The future is heavy on us.  A chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the answer.  You will keep all of your property and eliminate your debt.  You can keep your home, car, personal property, and all your retirement funds; if chapter 7 is not right for your circumstances a chapter 13 is a good alternative.  Right now you need information and a plan.

What is most immediately important is that you learn your rights, understand your options.  It may not be necessary to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy at all or it might be preferable to file in the future.  What you need right now is knowledge, leadership, and protection.  Planning is the key to your success.

You will survive this crisis.  It is important to call now and plan before you make unwise or rash financial decisions.  Your creditors may be nice to you but only for the moment and only to a certain degree.  Protect yourself.  We have virtual meetings to keep you safe.  We will walk you through the technology of this new order.  We are affordable; we have payment plans.  Protect yourself, your property  and your best interests.  215-822-2728  Schroeder@jrlaw.org


“How do I begin to thank someone for giving us the opportunity to get our life back…” – M.J.

“Thank you for making a difficult situation and process so much easier (even being miles away)…” – S.Z.

“I really appreciate the recovery and I appreciate how you understood that we could make a recovery when other lawyers said it was not possible…” – A.S.

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We are here to provide you with professional legal services most notably in the areas of mortgage modification, mortgage foreclosures, bankruptcy, chapter 13 and chapter 7, debt settlement and negotiation. We stop sheriff sales. It is our commitment to represent individuals, families and small businesses in a caring, compassionate manner. We provide our clients with quality legal representation and counsel. Our clients each have different circumstances therefore, we treat all our clients as individuals.

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