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  • Bank voluntary modifications have not worked.
  • Judicial modification does not use any taxpayer money
  • Only currently existing loans are eligible.  Future loans cannot be modified; they are not subject to this bill
  • Stabilizes blocks, neighborhoods and community real estate values
  • Responsibility is spread between the two parties most responsible, lender and homeowner; no one receives a free ride.  Lender’s loan amount is reduced; homeowner must file bankruptcy and function under strict IRS living standards for up to five years
  • Homeowners will pay 100% of the present, fair value of the home
  • Eliminates predatory loans very quickly
  • Voluntary modification has not worked.  Making Home Affordable predicted 4 million modifications.  Less than 400k have been done; when you look at these mods, they really aren't modifications at all.;
  • Just the threat of bankruptcy will force lenders to now negotiate in good faith
  • These mortgage loans are the toxic loans which the banks want to sell to the US taxpayer in order to clean up their books
  • The banking industry created this mess; taxpayers cannot rely on them for a solution.
We help people and families in Montgomery, Bucks, Berks, Lehigh, Philadelphia and Chester Counties. We concentrate in debt negotiation and bankruptcy.
Don't cash out your 401(k), IRA or pension!  See us; we can help; we can save your home and retirement.
We are lawyers who understand your individual circumstances and will treat you with respect.
We are problem solvers in Pennsylvania law.  We represent you in matters of bankruptcy, debt consolidation and credit repair.
We understand you need to keep costs and fees to a minimum.
24 years of legal experience in helping people. 

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4/8/2014 - 
Condo/HOA fees in bankruptcy

Condominium fees and HOA dues can be a burden on anyone who files a chapter 7 or chapter 13.  There are special provisions in the association doc
3/31/2014 - 
Do the phone calls EVER stop?

Yes they do!  A chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will put an immediate end to the creditor harrassment.  We can help you even before the filing o
3/27/2014 - 
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Use a chapter 13 to stop sheriff sales, tax levies, mortgage foreclosure.  This bankruptcy will also get rid of your credit card and medical debt
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