Bankruptcy Attorney Montgomery, Bucks, and Phila County

There are many challenges facing people who are in need of a Bankruptcy Attorney in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia County.  People do not understand the bankruptcy filing process.  Will they lose everything?  Will they be humiliated?  What will become of my life? family? reputation?  Do my creditors get everything I own?  A Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney will be able to answer all of these questions and more.  You will feel relieved after learning the answers.  As an attorney who has been practicing bankruptcy law in Montgomery and Bucks county for many, many years, my office understands our clients’ fears, concerns and questions.

We will take the time to listen to the specific problems and issues you face in making a difficult decision at a difficult time in your life.  Bankruptcy is intended to give you, the person who is under tremendous financial pressure, a fresh start.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney can give you guidance, smooth your troubled waters and give you the confidence to proceed knowing that you will get through this just fine.

In many circumstances, you will not lose any property; in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia county an experienced bankruptcy lawyer knows how to structure your filing so you keep all the property you have and get rid of your debt and the things that are dragging you down.

We are courteous to our clients and confidential with their information and matters.  The bankruptcy counseling you will receive will be well appreciated.  Please read our testimonials found elsewhere on this web site which have been given to us by other, well satisfied clients.  We are bankruptcy attorneys serving Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia county.  Make an appointment to discuss your personal situation.  You will find at our first meeting that relief from this most stressful of times is on the way.