Bankruptcy Attorney, William D. Schroeder Jr., Offers Service as a Debt Consolidation Specialist

William D. Schroeder Jr.,  an experienced Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorney, is offering services as a specialist in debt consolidation, in addition to other services including, but not limited to, bankruptcy, debt negotiation, mortgage modification, wills, powers of attorney, estates, family law, DUI, and criminal defense. William D. Schroeder is committed to aiding clients with their debts by  consolidating multiple  credit card payments, reducing interest rates, and  lengthening the term and condition to pay off  your debt. Clients can save money through these monthly payments.

However, there are many times when clients can lose money through debt consolidation because each case in unique. In order to qualify for the best debt consolidation programs clients need to ensure they do not have:

  1. Inferior credit score
  2. Inadequate income
  3. Too much existing debt


A client’s financial history is an important factor in determining whether or not debt consolidation will be a beneficial or unfavourable option for him or her. In addition to aiding debt problems, debt consolidation also presents clients with options to protect their credit rating, retain an emergency credit card, and learn how to manage debt.


William D. Schroeder, Jr., is a legal firm practicing primarily in Montgomery, Bucks, Berks, Chester, and Philadelphia counties. The firm;s  focus is on law practices like bankruptcy, mortgage modification, mortgage foreclosure defense, debt consolidation, estate law, family law, DUI, and personal injury. William D. Schroeder, Jr.  has been specializing  as a bankruptcy attorney helping clients consolidate their debt since 1984.

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