Bankruptcy Lawyer Philadelphia

I have been a practicing bankruptcy lawyer in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties of Montgomery, Bucks and Chester for nearly 30 years.  During this time I have seen and helped many people who are in difficult financial situations.  Many of these people have been helped by filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Other people needed or wanted a different solution to their debt problems.  Each client’s situation is unique and requires thoughtful consideration to addressing the needs of each client.  I have enjoyed professional satisfaction in helping each of my clients.

In Philadelphia, a bankruptcy lawyer will first listen to the concerns of the client; specific facts of the client’s case will be obtained and a discussion of alternative solutions will be presented and discussed.  If you are in foreclosure, defending the lawsuit, its benefits and drawbacks will be discussed.  The same is true if you have been sued in a collection complaint.  Telephone calls and demand letters may be driving you crazy; how these are handled, settled or eliminated will be gone over with the client.

Tax obligations, child support, student loans are all very special circumstances and how they are handled with or without a bankruptcy should be reviewed.  What is the tax implication?  How is your credit score now and what will it look like in 2 years given your chosen course of action.  Debt settlement affects you one way; chapter 7 another and a chapter 13 bankruptcy a third.

It has been said that the last positive action a divorcing couple can do is to file a joint bankruptcy.  If you can keep your assets and get rid of the debt rather than fighting over it in a divorce proceeding, both parties come out ahead using a bankruptcy lawyer Philadelphia rather than giving your assets and future income to creditors as well as having to rely on the future performance of a soon to be ex-spouse.

Bankruptcy is a powerful and forgiving process.  Consulting with a Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer who has 30 years of experience can be of great benefit to you.  You should not be making decisions in a vacuum.  Listening to family and friends who dispense legal advice/thoughts can get you into trouble in areas you never thought about.  I have represented people who came to me after they made decisions that could not be undone.  For them, a better result could have been obtained if they had the legal counsel of a Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer.  It is always worthwhile to ask questions.  Make an appointment to discuss your situation whether or not you feel you need a bankruptcy.  Knowledge is Power!