Impact of chapter 13 worth reading

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Montgomery County PA

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A bankruptcy lawyer in Montgomery County, PA can make sure you have a successful and positive chapter 7 experience.  I am a lawyer with 32 years of experience.  My law office has helped hundreds of people, young and old have a positive experience in using chapter 7 to obtain a fresh financial start.  These people have invariably kept their home, furnishings, cars, retirement funds and all of their other personal property.  A chapter 7 bankruptcy does not necessarily leave you with nothing; with proper legal analysis, you will likely keep every bit of property you have, both real estate and all of your personal belongings, cars, retirement accounts, etc.  Once your bankruptcy petition is filed, the bankruptcy trustee will review your estate (paperwork and supporting documentation) and interview you to verify all which you say in the petition is true.  If the bankruptcy petition is properly prepared good things will flow from that and you will receive your discharge.

The life events leading up to the filing of a chapter 7 (or a chapter 13 or 11 as well) are traumatic.  A filing is not something a person or husband and wife enter into on a willy-nilly basis.  You need a lawyer who is understanding and sympathetic to your situation.  The process is used to give persons a fresh financial start and also to overcome the emotional pain and physical strain that come down upon the filer.  A bankruptcy is not undertaken lightly; if properly approached it begins a healing process for a person who has long been suffering or recently been put upon by sudden, surprising events.

Sometimes I receive phone calls from a person who immediately asks “How much does it cost to file a bankruptcy?”  It seems to me the person thinks they are shopping for toothpaste.  Every person’s situation is different; how that person’s facts and circumstances play out in the context of providing advice and determining a proper stratagy for handling law suits, debt, obligations as well as assets and various income situations needs to be considered in the details of the individual person or couple.  there is a process and forms but a successful for the client is dependent upon much more that simply filling out a form.  Knowledge, thought, consideration, timing and characterization is of the utmost importance in representing clients in a chapter 7 bankruptcy and allowing the client to achieve a fresh start for the whole of the person financially, emotionally and to be positioned for a successful and comfortable future.

Divorce lawyer | William D Schroeder, Jr.

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Divorces are usually complicated so hiring a divorce lawyer is a smart move. The process is difficult in the best situations and sometimes can even be quite hostile. In either situation, you may find yourself worried about how the assets will be divided. It makes sense to protect yourself.

Bucks Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney, William D. Schroeder, Jr. Announces Bankruptcy Services

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Colmar, PA – April, 2016 –  William D. Schroeder, Jr., Attorney at Law, has over 30 years of experience assisting Bucks County clients through Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings, and can provide clients with expert legal advice and services.

Misinformation is one of the biggest dangers to both financial planning and bankruptcy filings. With these following myths exposed, applicants across Pennsylvania should have an easier time getting the help they need.

Divorce Lawyer in Bucks – Having Appropriate Expectations Brings the Best Divorce Outcomes

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Art 2- divorce expectations - kwp Divorce Lawyer Bucks - JRLaw - Apr 2016Divorce proceedings are never fun or easy, and a person never wants to experience them.  However, there are definitely ways to make the process smoother than you might otherwise expect.  Attitude is key; go into the process with the right expectations.

William D. Schroeder, Jr., Attorney at Law is an experienced divorce lawyer in Bucks County, PA, and has helped many clients through divorces.  Based on his extensive experience, here are some tips to help anyone make the best of a divorce, and help obtain the best outcomes in the process.

Montgomery Bankruptcy Lawyer – Using Bankruptcy to Discharge Student Loans

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Montgomery Bankruptcy LawyerOne of the most well-known “rules” in bankruptcy law is that it is impossible to discharge student loans with bankruptcy. Once you consult with a top bankruptcy lawyer in Montgomery, like William D. Schroeder, Jr., Attorney at Law, you will find that, as with most things, exceptions occur.  To be clear, discharging student loans is very difficult and it is far from certain that any particular borrower would be able to do it.  However, precedent does exist, as do established processes through which it might be possible.

As with all loans, the best option is to do everything possible to repay them. Repayment has been made easier in recent years, thanks to President Obama’s initiatives to add more income-based repayment or income contingent repayment options.  Yet if there is no other option, a Montgomery bankruptcy lawyer might be able to help you.

Protect the Innocent, they must not suffer

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“It is better that ten guilty person escape, than that one innocent suffer.” – William Blackstone

Sir William Blackstone was a great England jurist; he lived from 1723-1780.  The man had a brilliant legal mind and much of what he wrote influenced what we in America and in the Commonwealth Nations call the “common law’.

It is his influence that established the rule of it being necessary for a jury to find a person accused of a criminal act to be found guilty “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” .  This is based upon our societal concept that one of the most horrible mistakes which we can make as a people, as a government, as a society is that an innocent person be sent to prison.  If the risk is that any one of us, as an innocent person, can be deprived of our liberty then, “It is better that ten guilty persons go free, than that one innocent person suffer.”  The bar for finding someone accused a crime must be high, not because they deserve some special treatment, but to prevent the evil of sending an innocent person to prison.

A Penny Saved is A Penny Earned – B. Franklin

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So the lesson here, taught to us by Benjamin Franklin so long ago, is timeless.  It is difficult to save money.  Everyone knows that.  To save a penny or a dollar, rather than immediately spend it, is a difficult task.  Once safely tucked away in the bank or in your retirement fund, then comes the good feeling that is similar to pay day.  Dr. Franklin tells us that the action of putting away a small sum is a good thing and is equivalent to earning the penny the first time.

William D. Schroeder, Jr., a Bankruptcy Attorney in Philadelphia, Answers Top Bankruptcy Questions

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Bankruptcy Attorney PhiladelphiaColmar, PA – March 10, 2016 – As many as 1% of individuals in the United States files for bankruptcy in a year. It is one of the most tumultuous private legal proceedings an individual can be involved in.  William D. Schroeder, Jr., Attorney at Law, has a long history of helping Philadelphia residents during bankruptcy proceedings, and presents the following quick FAQ about bankruptcy.