Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Montgomery

There appears to be a rising tide of above mean households in need of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney for Montgomery and Bucks Counties.  In the past year our office has seen a big increase in the number of above mean consultations.  People who are above mean for bankruptcy purposes are those who live in households that have higher gross monthly income.  The means test was passed into law by Congress in 2005 as a response to the credit card companies lobby.  It was their attempt to extort even more money from the American consumer beyond their 29.9% default interest rates, late fees and other consumer unfriendly actions, actions everywhere you do not want them to be.

The thinking was the middle to higher income households would be forced to file a chapter 13 repayment plan rather than a chapter 7 bankruptcy debt liquidation.  On the whole, Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys in Montgomery and Bucks County have done a very good job defeating Congress and the credit card lobby.  Our office has represented many above-mean debtors who have obtained excellent results using every aspect of the bankruptcy law to protect them from the harsh, harsh credit card lobby objectives.

Whether you believe you are below mean or above mean, if debt settlement has not worked for you, if the collections and law suits against you have been overwhelming, if you are too distracted by your debt obligations and cannot function day to day, these are all signs that you should consult with a chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Montgomery or Bucks County.  Our office offers confidential and courteous service.  We have many clients who have been pleased; read our testimonials on other pages of this web site.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation, call for a consultation.  there is no obligation on your part; you will feel empowered after learning more about how your life can be made better.  Help yourself; obtain the opinion and advice of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Montgomery County.