A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer for Montgomery County

A chapter 13 bankruptcy in Montgomery County PA is often used to stop mortgage foreclosures and sheriff sales of a person’s home.  The chapter 13 will force a repayment plan upon your mortgage company; the mortgage company must accept the plan once it meets all the conditions the Bankruptcy Code requires. A 13 can be used for many other reasons including dealing with the tax man while you are under court protection so the IRS and other tax authorities cannot just take outright advantage of you.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also be used when the Means Test is necessary because of total high income in the household.  Debt negotiation and debt settlement take place.  A person who files a chapter 13 will very likely keep all of their property including their home, cars, bank accounts, retirement funds and home furnishings.

As a lawyer practicing chapter 13 bankruptcy law in Montgomery County PA, I have represented hundreds of homeowners and debtors.  Dealing successfully with the mortgage companies and forcing a plan upon them is a key issue.  Making sure the arrears debt gets paid in your plan and now paying your regular monthly payments to the right department on time is a key to your success.  Our system is designed to make sure this happens.  The plan will pay little to nothing on your credit cards and you will be free of those collectors calls and the debt itself.

We may be able to wipe out your second mortgage in certain circumstances or if you are behind on your second mortgage, that arrears can be cured as well.  Past due taxes can be paid in your plan.   A chapter 13 gives you the power to put your creditors in place, getting rid of some and making an orderly administration of the others.

If this type of relief, stopping creditors dead in their tracks, giving yourself some breathing room, keeping your home in the face of mortgage foreclosure or sheriff sale appeals to you, make an appointment to discuss your situation in detail.  The bankruptcy meeting is courteous and confidential.  The filing will not get published in the newspapers.  Call now 215-822-2728  for an appointment now.  Do yourself a favor.