Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

What happens when you file bankruptcy? All creditor action against you must stop. Immediately. This includes your mortgage company foreclosure, lawsuits, telephone calls and the IRS. As your chapter 7, 13 bankruptcy lawyer we will shield you from your creditors and guide you to a fresh financial start. You will be surprised at how good things turnout. We are courteous and confidential.

With proper planning, all of your assets will be protected including your home, car, bank accounts and retirement funds.

In this devestating time of Covid-19, some people may need a business bankruptcy as well as a personal bankruptcy. In the quiet, privacy of a secure on-line meeting space, we can discuss and explore the impact and effect of filing a chapter 7, 13 or 11. Each person’s situation is different. In Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties you need an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who can answer your questions in a focused and calm manner. Your well being, both emotionally and financially, is at stake. You want the assurance of correct action and to be able to confidently face the process of filing a chapter 7, 13 or 11 bankruptcy.

There are many issues to discuss with your bankruptcy lawyer. Some of those are: What effect does this have on my credit score? How is a co-signer affected? Does my spouse have to be involved? Will my family, work or friends know if I file bankruptcy?

We will discuss the bankruptcy 341 meeting of creditors, how to prepare and what to expect. Your questions and concerns about moving money on the eve of bankruptcy filing to family, friends, partners or creditors. What happens if the petition contains mistakes, incorrect statements, half-truths or I failure to disclose material information? An experienced, qualified chapter 7, 13 bankruptcy lawyer will lead you through this process and keep you from making mistakes.

It is time for you to learn bankruptcy facts as they relate to your personal situation, before you make decisions that cause you to lose your money and property. Your business, your home are the biggest investments you make in yourself and for your family. You must take every step to give yourself maximum protection and benefit. Call or email for a consultation. 215-822-2728