Common Mistakes Made When Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney

Clients seeking a criminal defense attorney need to ensure they do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong lawyer to represent them. Credentials, convenience, and cost are just some of the criteria you should research when looking for a professional to legally represent you.
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Searching for the right criminal defense attorney may be a difficult process, which is why it is important to not submit to the three frequently-made mistakes by clients. Follow these tips to help make your choice.

Hire an Attorney Who is Accessible

Look for a criminal defense attorney that has a fully functioning website where you can view their skills, qualifications, practice areas, contact information, and other credentials. Use directories to identify candidates, then research further. The Yellow Pages can only offer clients a limited description of services due to the constraints of advertising space. In addition, a lawyer that has an ad in the Yellow Pages but not their own website, may prove to be behind in the times and not easily reachable by modern methods. Don’t forget to ask how many days your potential criminal defense lawyer spends in court every week. This will help you evaluate the best times to speak with your attorney.

Find an Attorney Who Fits Your Budget

When it comes to spending money on a criminal defense attorney, the phrase, “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. Be suspicious of lawyers who offer a low cost. Tempting as it may be, lawyers cannot constantly offer clients services below their cost. An attorney who is more expensive may also have more legal expertise as well as resources; this can save you money in reduced court costs and fines. Moreover, those searching for the right criminal defense attorney may not benefit from the other extreme of hiring the most expensive lawyer they can find either. Many lawyers provide cost estimates so clients understand costs ahead of time.

A reliable criminal defense attorney will provide you with answers to all your questions, comfortable round-the-clock service, and years of legal experience all at a reasonable cost. If you need a criminal defense attorney, a bankruptcy lawyer or a family lawyer, William D. Schroeder, Jr. Attorney at Law offers every client professional, courteous, and confidential legal services.

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