Divorce Lawyer in Bucks – Having Appropriate Expectations Brings the Best Divorce Outcomes

Art 2- divorce expectations - kwp Divorce Lawyer Bucks - JRLaw - Apr 2016Divorce proceedings are never fun or easy, and a person never wants to experience them.  However, there are definitely ways to make the process smoother than you might otherwise expect.  Attitude is key; go into the process with the right expectations.
William D. Schroeder, Jr., Attorney at Law is an experienced divorce lawyer in Bucks County, PA, and has helped many clients through divorces.  Based on his extensive experience, here are some tips to help anyone make the best of a divorce, and help obtain the best outcomes in the process.

Managing Expectations:  Having the Right Attitude toward Your Divorce
Be honest.

Absolute honesty with your lawyer who will represent you against your spouse is critical for a successful outcome.  Attempting to hide assets or otherwise deceive the people involved in the case will almost certainly backfire, and can easily bring about a worse outcome if you are shown to have acted in bad faith.

Avoid treating divorce as a “fight” that is to be “won.”

TV and movies often present divorces as contests, with the participants fighting for possession of items – or even their children.  The vast majority of the time, there must be compromise on both sides, and neither party could be termed a “winner” in any reasonable sense.
Expect to compromise. Being adamant will only cause additional problems and costs.

Try to avoid a protracted court battle.

Extended divorce proceedings that turn into court fights (like those on TV) are incredibly expensive and very rarely work out well for either party.  In many cases, both parties end up bankrupting themselves before actually reaching a resolution.  The best option in nearly all situations is to come to a resolution through mediation and negotiation, without using the courts for anything but paperwork.

Complete a full inventory of your home.

Many disputes in a divorce can be avoided simply by having a comprehensive catalog of items in the house which will be part of the divorce proceedings.  Taking photographs of all important items, as well as any paperwork such as pre-nuptial agreements, can do a lot to prevent unnecessary disagreements.

Spend time helping your children.

Remember, you are getting divorced – your children are not.  Children should never be used as pawns, and their emotional state should remain one of your foremost concerns as a parent. Put your children first.  Every step of the way consider, what is in the best interest of my child(ren).
For an experienced and professional divorce lawyer in Bucks County, contact William D. Schroeder, Jr., Attorney at Law. With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Schroeder has helped many people with divorce and other legal services and he will guide you through the divorce process to achieve a successful outcome.