Gov Wolf Order Stops Foreclosures and Evictions

Governor Wolf has today, July 9, 2020, ordered a stop to all mortgage foreclosures and tenant evictions through August 31, 2020. Gov Wolf order is attached here: Gov Wolf Foreclosure Stay Order

If you or someone you know is financially insecure and needs to learn their rights and options, you should make an appointment to discuss not only foreclosure or eviction but all aspects of your present financial situation with me. You, just like 8 million other Pennsylvanians need a financial plan to address the present and growing crisis. A chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy may be appropriate; there may be other avenues to make you secure. These are the things we will discuss in a courteous and confidential interview. The consultation is $50 for 1 hour; at the end of our meeting you will have a great deal more knowledge and control of your situation than you do now. Call 215-822-2728 to schedule an appointment.

Above all else, you make matters worse if you do nothing or try to act as your own lawyer. The stress you and others are under is incredible; you need help. I have 35 years experience and have seen worse things happen to people who do nothing or take action that they think is the right thing to do when in fact it is completely wrong and against their own self interest. There are laws that protect you from the collectin and foreclosure actions of banks, mortgage companies and creditors. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of JRLaw.

Gov Wolf Order Stops Foreclosure and Evictions; this is the right moment to be able to pause, collect yourself and plan for your future as best as you are able in these very trying times.