Why Hire William D. Schroeder, Jr. Attorney at Law as a Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties?

Injury and suffering due to negligence is a very sensitive issue.  A lawsuit against what may have been a friend, employer or neighbor can be a delicate issue to tackle.  A personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties can help handle cases sensitively, when a client has been hurt in a car accident or on a property as a result of negligence.  There have been many cases of incidents resulting in injury which have been successfully presented to the courts including:

Injury Due to Construction

If your neighbor hired contractors to do work on their own property but the renovation or repairs caused you an injury, there may be a case.  Typically an injury is caused by a heavy item falling out of a window or off the roof such as tools, wood or bricks.  If the neighbor hired a company that were not licensed, bonded and insured then their negligence to ensure that the people they hired were properly trained and certified, may have caused your injury.

Neglecting to Clear Obstructions

Neighbors and businesses that do not shovel their snow, salt their sidewalks and clear yard waste and children’s toys out of the way from shared paths, are neglecting to adhere to the right of way.  It’s awfully easy to trip over toys or slip on ice when it’s dark and someone is arriving home from work in the evening.  This is especially irresponsible when the neighbor has been asked multiple times to clean up.  If this situation caused an injury, a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties may be able to build a case.

Getting Bit By a Dog

If a neighbor knows that their dog is unfriendly, the animal should wear a muzzle and people should be warned before attempting to pet the dog.  If someone has been bit by a dog they should get medical attention immediately.  A dog bite can be very traumatic, especially if you suspect the dog is infected with disease.  The hospital visit and rabies shots are never welcome, and the neighbor should be held responsible for not controlling his or her pet.

Being Hit By a Car

A driver should always be alert, even if they are inches away from their garage door.  An injury sustained by being hit by a car can be detrimental to everyday life.  If the injured party had to take time off work, or has even been critically or permanently injured, this is a lot of pain and suffering that should be compensated for.

Not Maintaining Property

Neighbors and businesses need to keep their property maintained, especially if they have big trees in their yard.  An old and dying tree is susceptible to branches falling and that could be very dangerous to anyone who is around on a windy day.  If you have been hurt because someone else has failed to keep his or her property maintained, call a personal injury lawyer for guidance.  They may be able to help you receive financial compensation for any injuries that have resulted.
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