Montgomery County, PA Bankruptcy Attorney

Montgomery County, PA Bankruptcy Attorney

Financial distress strikes all types of people, and sometimes they need a fresh start.

If you’re stressed about finding reputable Montgomery County, PA bankruptcy representation, consult with Philadelphia’s William D. Schroeder, Jr., Attorney at Law. At a time when home foreclosures are rampant and consumers are under severe financial stress, we can help.

Consult With a PA Attorney About Bankruptcy Myths

Don’t believe the bankruptcy myths spread by those around you. While bankruptcy is not for everyone, it offers immediate debt relief and can ease the harassment caused by credit card companies and PA bill collectors. Avoid falling prey to the following misconceptions about bankruptcy:

  1. Everyone will know I’m bankrupt, and it will ruin my reputation. Unless you’re a well-known celebrity or a particularly newsworthy individual, no one but your credit services will be aware you’ve filed.
  2. I’ll lose all of my PA property, assets and money. This is not true. There are guidelines that protect your belongings in the settlement. These may include houses, cars and personal effects, and even retirement plans.
  3. The only individuals who file for bankruptcy are lazy people who don’t want to pay off their debts. This stereotype has been around for too long, and needs to be put to rest. Financial distress strikes all types of people, and sometimes they need a clean slate.

If you have more questions about debt negotiation, debt settlement and bankruptcy, call or fax our attorneys at (215) 822-2728 or (215) 712-9510 to schedule a 30-minute consultation. Our attorneys specialize in Montgomery County debt relief services, foreclosure negotiation and Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies, and we can be reached by email at Visit us at 262 A Bethlehem Pike, Suite 102, Colmar, PA 18915, where you’ll find free, convenient parking.