Lawyers, Wills, Living Wills and Powers of Attorney

As a lawyer I have been answering friends and receiving calls and emails from clients and the general public for their wills, living wills (a/k/a health care declarations) and powers of attorney. These are documents that express your wishes, choices and desires to your family and loved ones should you become seriously ill, incapacitated, or pass away; each document speaks for you when you are unable. There is a great deal of concern and high anxiety at this time of Covid-19. Now is the time to have a lawyer answer your questions, reflect on these matters and discuss your concerns with your family.

Having a lawyer prepare your will, living will and power of attorney will assure that what you mean and what you intend will be properly drafted. A living will is also known as a health care declaration. Should you enter a prolonged state of unconciousness, your doctor, hospital, health care professionals and family need to know exactly how you want your medical condition to be addressed. A living will does just that and appoints someone to act on your behalf.

If you are incapable of acting to take care of your property and finances, a power of attorney gives someone you trust the power to take care of your financial affairs.

Should you pass away, you may have probate and non-probate assets. A lawyer can review with you what those assets are and how you want them distributed. A properly drawn will gives specific directions. You can be assured a person or organization receives what you want them to receive.

A lawyer is in the best postion to write your will, living will and power of attorney. The discussion you have with your lawyer will answer your questions, cause you to reflect about matters in a new light and finally, once drafted, there will be no ambiguity. The will, the living will and a power of attorney will clearly direct what you want to happen; there will be no misinterpretation or second guessing.

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