So what does it mean “To be broke”?

When you don’t have money in your wallet and your credit cards are maxed out.  When you need to borrow from a fiend to pay for gas or food; or you can’t go out with your friends for fear not being able to pay your share.  Or pleading with the bank to put money back in your account that it set off b/c you owe a loan payment.  Or living in fear that your car  is about to be repossessed or you have no money to get it fixed.  Laying awake late at night or rising at 4 A.M.  thinking about how you are going to handle the coming day.

When this type of fear grips you, call us to discuss your situation.  You can tell us about your situation; we will ask questions and have a discussion.  We will be able to give you options that will take care of these problems, help you go forward, get relief and get a fresh start on life.  The matters are private and confidential.  You will be treated courteously.  You will find relief in your life and be satisfied.  Call 215-822-2728 for help.