Montgomery County Sheriff Sales

Montgomery County Sheriff Sales are being scheduled once again. Covid-19 support has ended. Sheriff sales not only for Montgomery County but Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester and Delaware counties are again being held. We can and will help you. If your home is scheduled for sale, we can stop the sale. If you have been served with mortgage foreclosure papers, you are in foreclosure, fight back; get in touch with us now to give yourself a fighting chance to get reorganized. You must call us now! 215-822-2728. Time is of the essence in getting you the best possible result. A chapter 13 bankruptcy or even a chapter 7 will stop the sale. Covid-19 support has come to an end and many homeowners are now caught short. Act! Do not delay! Call us now for the help you need. Bankruptcy is one alternative but there are others as well. Mortgage modification, debt settlement and forbearance. 215-822-2728 We will stop the sale, get you reorganized and you will be able to stay in your home. You will keep your cars, retirment funds and all your other property too. Call now 215-822-2728 Don’t believe what any mortgage company is telling you. If you have gotten notice of your sale, act now. Call us for protection. I believe there are many homeowners who have come to this realization that mortgage support has ended but they just do not know what to do. If you are one of these people, please, we can help you. You must call us for an appointment to take the correct actions and make arrangements. Even if you are reading this at 3 a.m. and can’t sleep or any after hours time. Call now. Leave a message. We will call you back and soon. 215-822-2728 or email: You do not help yourself by taking the ostrich approach to life at this moment. We will stop your Montgomery County Sheriff Sales; we will stop sheriff sales in the other counties as well. AND, your credit score will rather quickly repair itself as part of this process.