Mortgage companies are filing foreclosures

Foreclosures and sheriff sales in Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia and the remaining counties are on the rise. Covid forbearance has ended and the mortgage companies have turned aggressive. They are trying to bring their balance sheets back to positive and they do this by selling your house at sheriff sale. Homeowners are in trouble not knowing what to do. I have 37 years of experence in dealing with sheriff sales, mortgage modifications, debt settlement, forbearance, defending mortgage forclosures and filing bankruptcy, chapter 7, chapter 13. If you are in a difficult spot with your mortgage or overall have debt that is no longer managable, we can help you. Stop foreclosure immediately; call now 215-822-2728 or email to After meeting with us you will be able to face the future knowing you will keep your home; your debt will be handled and eliminated in a safe, competant and calm manner. You will get a fresh start. Behind on your mortgage payments? Stop a foreclosure in its tracks. Call now 215-822-2728. We will get it done for you.