My Family Vacation – Child Custody PA Style

We hope your family vacation went well this summer.  Some interesting issues arise regarding child custody, single parent families and blended families during vacation periods.  Which parent takes the children when and where and for how long?  Who provides summer child care?  Can the schedules of step siblings be accommodated so everyone can go together?  There are many questions and issues.  The solutions can make summer time difficult or a relaxing, positive experience for the children.

As with many issues in life, the problem is best solved if addressed in advance.  Once parents separate there will either be cooperation or  non-cooperation.  Putting the agreement and plan into writing will go a long way to raising happy children.  It is best to discuss and put into writing what each parent’s time will be with the children.  Vacation times should be thought out and scheduled well in advance; a written custody agreement will consider when each party will give notice to the other for vacation weeks, camps or custody of a month or more if one parent lives far away.  International travel, even to Canada, will require passports; consider who is responsible for obtaining and holding them.

Vacations which may occur during holidays should be taken into account as well as emergencies which arise before, during and after.  Address how notice will be given and the timing of the notice.

With regard to child custody in general, there are only so many days in a week and weeks in a month.  What day and hour do the children get picked up, where and by whom?  What must they have when they leave custody and return, clothes, phones, electronica, books and personal items.

These are all issues that parents of children in Bucks and Montgomery counties must consider.  There are many more.  A divorce attorney will discuss in depth possible issues, scenarios and outcomes based upon your family’s particular situation.  Drafting and negotiating a child custody agreement is stressful and complicated.  Parental emotions run high during these times; it is best to have a compassionate advocate working for you.

If you have questions or problems with child custody or child support in Montgomery or Bucks Counties, Pennsylvania do not hesitate to call us for an appointment. We will discuss your facts, concerns and questions.  We are a law firm that understands the legal issues facing child custody PA style and families as well as the emotional component in cooperating (or not) when raising children.