Ocwen Backdating Documents – our experience

The NY Times reported that Ocwen Financial has major deficiencies in its dealings with its customers on the matters of mortgage modification and loan servicing.  The National Mortgage Settlement monitor has reported he cannot rely on the information which Ocwen is required to  self report as part of the national settlement.  This is not a surprise to this office or anyone who has had any dealings with Ocwen.   The backdating of letters to us is a direct experience we have had with Ocwen.  These people can be evil.  Needless to say our client continues to be protected through our legal defense.  Our client is contesting this matter in the court system and continues to live in his home without the fear of it being sold at sheriff sale.  There are 1000’s of people who are going unrepresented and could well be being harmed by Ocwen as well as other similar actions of other mortgage servicers and companies.

The National Monitor will issue a follow up report in the next 60 days.  If you want to explore your issues of this nature please schedule an appointment.  215-822-2728.