Pennsylvania roads are a mess!

I am appalled by the conditions of our roads here in eastern Pennsylvania.  Driving in Montgomery and Bucks counties is like negotiating a mine field.  It is true the winter has been especially unkind and harsh.  However, deferred maintenance and lack of financial commitment has made the situation 100 times worse.   The pot holes are dangerous.  Many cars have been damaged, some severely.  Frames, rocker arms and wheels broken; tires have been obliterated.  The cost in driving, wear and tear on the car, money, time and aggravation to repair our cars and trucks is enormous.  Traffic jams caused by pot holes, what a waste!

The governor and state assembly have chosen to cut budget for three years.  Our poor roads and the cost they impose on us as individuals is proof of just how penny wise and pound foolish this approach has been.  No one likes paying taxes but a few bucks to the tax man by each of us is better than the lousy roads, terrible driving condition and repair bills many of the taxpayers are facing.  And, now the roads have to be rebuilt and not just repaired!  Not such a good deal after all.