Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers and Debt Settlement

Our office represents many people who are in difficult financial situations.  We find it incredible that these people receive Pre-Approved credit line offers of as much as $1,500.00 from Visa and Master Card just days and weeks before they file for bankruptcy.  The hook the credit card companies use is offer “to build positive credit history” of this person who has hopes of avoiding bankruptcy; the sinker is that the offer comes at 23.9% APR.  This type of offer is like offering a bottle of gin to a drunk.  What is the responsibility of the bank?  If the bank makes an offer and it is accepted by the individual, should the bank get off scott free on the belief that we all make individual choices and should be held accountable?

If a person thereafter uses chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy to eliminate this debt should not the bank be held to the same standard of engaging in risky behavior and so suffer the consequences of having to write off the debt from its books as a complete loss?  The banks try to turn the tables on this moral issue by having successfully lobbied Congress to implement the means test in Chapters 13 and 7.  Fortunately bankruptcy lawyers know how to approach defending people who have suffered at the hands of the banks and collection agencies.

If you are deep in debt, suffering phone calls, harassment, law suits, judgments and garnishment of bank accounts your best interests are served by consulting with a lawyer who practices bankruptcy in Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley.  The resolution to your problems may be debt negotiation, debt settlement, chapter 7 or 13 or mortgage modification.  Don’t let yourself be taken by creditors or debt settlement companies at the end of toll free 800#’s or who are located in other states.  Consult with us.  We are local, experienced, understanding, caring and compassionate.  215-822-2728.