Sheriff Sales Are Back. Save Your Home! Mortgage Modification or Bankruptcy or Chapter 13

Montgomery county sheriff sales are back, the next one is January 26, 2022. If your home is listed for sale or if it is in mortgage foreclosure whether in Montgomery county or anywhere in the Delaware Valley, you need legal help. Our office can provide that help to you. We can stop the sale, stop the foreclosure, get you organized and into a fresh financial start. You may be able to get a mortgage modification or mortgage forbearance. It is possible you can be placed on a payment plan and be able to relieve the pressure that your overwhelming debt has brought you. You will keep your home, cars, personal property and retirment funds. Do not hesitate, call us now for help. There are many ways available to help you out of this difficult situation. It may be that you will file a bankruptcy, chapter 7 or 13; it may be that you get mortgage modification as an alternative. Each person’s situation is different. We will tailor a plan for you that works and gives you a fresh start. Call now for an appointment to get started. 215-822-2728