Stay Safe. Stay strong.

We are now 5 full weeks into the lockdown. It seems fewer people have gotten sick as originally thought would happen. This is likely because so many of us in the Philadelphia region took the warnings to heart, have stayed home and practiced good habits and hygiene. Let us keep up the good work. A big, big thank you to our medical providers, first responders and the multitude of volunteers and donors who are helping so many souls in our community.

We are under severe financial stress with so many out of work and greatly reduced work loads for those who can still run a business or are employed. We will not have a quick recovery as evidenced that Baseball is still shut down and now the NFL is thinking long and hard about what they are going to do as they plan the 2020 season.

And yet, keep up the good work everyone! Stay safe. Stay positive. We are a great state and a great country. Ben Franklin lead the way 300 years ago. Read a good book. I recommend Ben’s autobiography; get it for free on-line. Philadelphia got through the epidemic of smallpox in Colonial times. Philadelphia and the region emerged stronger. We will emerge stronger yet again.