Bankruptcy Testimonials

Bankruptcy Testimonials

Here are some of the many letters of thanks and thoughts of appreciation which we have received from people who have used our legal services. If you are in need of mortgage modification, bankruptcy, are in or facing mortgage foreclosure you should call us.

At our initial consultation meeting, we quickly realized that we had made the correct choice of an attorney to handle our legal matter. Mr. Schroeder is personable and puts you at ease immediately. He knows what he’s doing and gives good advice. He also had a great staff. Our matter was resolved and we were greatly relieved. We highly recommend him!
A&J – Lansdale

Years of incredible financial stress followed my divorce as all of the marital debt was assigned to me. I had no steady income following a forced early retirement after 35 years of dedicated service and consequently had to live off a rapidly declining IRA account.
Through a miraculous series of events, I met JR and he willingly took on my bankruptcy case. His integrity is impeccable and the confidence he exuded kept me confident and relaxed throughout the entire bankruptcy process.
We spent the next two months building my case, piece by piece, along with his exceptionally courteous and highly professional staff.
For the first time in years, I now have the hope of living a life that will be free of debt and the worry of where the next couple of dollars were going to come from.
JR and his staff are incredibly caring and competent human beings who truly make a dramatic difference in people’s lives. JR’s integrity is impeccable and the confidence he exudes kept me confident, positive and relaxed throughout the entire process.
JR and his staff are highly recommended for any legal action, in particular filing a bankruptcy petition.
With a sincere thank you,
TL – Malvern

I did not know Mr. Schroeder. I was told about him and went on the Internet. I had a bankruptcy to file and he was such a great Attorney, smart and friendly, his staff too. I would recommend him to anyone.
JH – Hatfield

When you are having a problem with the mortgage company they just seem to go around in circles with big words and legal terms. I am in my 80’s and dealing with my mortgage company was very stressful. I had tried to apply for modification but was unsuccessful, and then was served with foreclosure paperwork. I came to see Mr. Schroeder because I did not understand the legal aspects of things. I was so mixed up with my problems. Mr. Schroeder looked over my paperwork and explained everything to me and this put my mind at ease. He did not stop there; he even came to court with me. If you have similar problems, pick up the phone and call JR and his staff- they will get your problems solved.
I know that he and his staff can help you just like he helped me. If you need help, I urge you to call William Schroeder.
EC – Lansdale

I would like to thank you and your team for all the work you did for me and how you helped me every step of the way to make things easier for me.
CG – Lansdale

Dear Mr. Schroeder,
We received your letter with the discharge papers, and we want to thank you for getting this burden off of our backs. I think we were both getting hunchback because of it. Like the old Dutchman said The Further I Go The Be-Hinder I Get!!!!
We didn’t want to stiff the people we owed money to so we contacted them to get the interest lowered, and they refused.  When we sent in two hundred dollars and over half went to interest, we had to give up. I got a Master Card from Wal-Mart that I put money on every month. Know we can pay our bills, no interest, we get to use all of our money. No more tears when we don’t have enough to cover our bills at the end of the month.
Thank you again for you and your staff, for the great service you extended to us. We will recommend your services and you to everyone who needs help.
Sincerely yours,
GH – Perkasie, PA

Mr. Schroeder,
How do I begin to thank someone for giving us the opportunity to get our life back. I know we have a road ahead of us however there is bright light at the end of the road and that light came from meeting with you, and making one of the hardest decisions ever. However, the hardest are often the best and I can honestly say that was one of the best decision ever made. Was it tough, yes, was it scary, yes, was it overwhelming, yes, but I don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t made the decision to move forward. Thank you doesn’t express enough, we are grateful, we are stress free and we are moving in a positive direction. Thank you and your staff for the guidance and support. We are now believers in second chances, thanks to you!
MJ – North Wales, PA

I can’t vouch for your skill in soccer but, from a client’s viewpoint, you’re a heck of a lawyer to work with.
BD – Wayne, PA

The future looks good. In my mind this is a miracle. Picking an attorney for something like this is somewhat of a blind choice. I guess I got lucky. Thanks for all of your help.
MO – Skippack, PA

Thank you JR: For working with us so that we could get our chapter 7 discharge,yes it will be a fresh start. We can now get to the end of the month without all of the credit card bills on our back, what a breath of fresh air it is. We were worried the whole time that this wouldn’t work for us, so we wanted to thank you big time for showing all of our information the way you did. You made sure that we would have the best outcome when we filed, this was very big for us and we appreciate all of your hard work. THANKS’ BIG TIME!
Mr. & Mrs. W.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Attorney William Schroeder and his staff for the excellent advice given to me and a course of action that was taken to alleviate my burden of debt caused by the loss of my job and pending divorce.
The law firm was very knowledgeable of the Bankruptcy laws and guided me in the right direction to a successful conclusion and discharge of my debts. I had no where to turn and felt hopeless until I came in contact with Attorney William Schroeder Jr. and his staff.
Because of their compassion for me as a client and their expertise in the field, I am now on the road to financial solvency. In addition the fees charged were very reasonable in comparison to the level of my debts. I would highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to contact the Law firm of William Schroeder Jr.
GP – Malvern

Dear Mr. Schroeder,
I wanted to thank you again for all of your help in processing my bankruptcy. It was arduous and confusing and you made it so very easy. You were always there to answer my questions and, when you weren’t, your paralegals were extremely helpful and patient as well. I’m on my way to a happier life thanks to you! If I ever need legal help in the future, you are the first I will call.
CB – Allentown

Dear Mr. Schroeder,
I just wanted to express my sincerest appreciation for your services. Mr. Schroeder had his work cut out for him as my case had many puzzle pieces that had to be put together perfectly. It was a very difficult time for myself and initially felt ashamed for filing BK. I went from receiving over thirty phone calls a day from my creditors to none, with Mr. Schroeder’s assistance. Also, it was very comforting to know that some very successful people filed bankruptcy or had severe financial hardship. Currently, I have a thriving business and my credit score is improving and can not thank Mr. Schroeder enough for all his efforts.
RG – North Wales

Dear Mr. Schroeder, Jr,
We would like to thank you for everything that was done on our behalf. Knowing our case is discharged is a relief and does allow us to have a fresh start. We were pleased with you and your staff’s services; everything was always handled in a professional and caring manner, which will always be appreciated. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and a great new year.
Mr. & Mrs. F. – Abington

Dear Mr. Schroeder,
My wife and I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how thankful we are for your services in 2008. We were in desperate need of legal counseling and financial advice and your firm was a perfect fit for us.
It was a very emotional time for us, and you and your staff were always very reassuring as we went through some very difficult times.
In addition, just as important was your advice on how to start on the road to recovery and financial stability. We had worked with numerous legal services and financial counseling agencies before and your firm was the only one that came through to assist us every step of the way.
Thank you again for providing excellent services.
Mr. & Mrs. J. – Lansdale

Hi JR, just want to thank you for all that you have done to contribute to our new life. It is such a wonderful feeling to have all of that behind us. We are grateful to finally have those financial pressures and obligations gone. As much as we tried to succeed in the sneaker business, as evidenced by our borrowing from our own contributions of Inheritance, IRAS, etc., we still could not get ahead. The economy, and the fact that small businesses can’t compete against the big conglomerates was a situation that we could not come out of any other way than to file bankruptcy. We are thankful now and happy to start over. You played such an integral part with your knowledge and expertise. You gave us the facts, we did the work, you prepared everything, and prepared us for the big day. We had fun with you, for you allowed yourself to be a real person. This for us was very comforting, and it was fun and healing to laugh and joke in between as we dealt with all of the legalities. You respected us so we didn’t feel demeaned by our situation. You gave us hope. Bad things do happen to good people. Thank you so very much.
Mr. & Mrs. M. – Norristown

Mr. Schroeder: Thank you so much for helping me with my credit card debt. You are a great lawyer.
G.M. – Norristown

My wife and I both want to express our sincere thank you and deep appreciation of your excellent services in filing and obtaining our bankruptcy. This was a very difficult decision for us to make at this time in our lives. Your understanding in this matter was very helpful to us.
I.L.- Souderton

Dear Mr. Schroeder: Thank you so much for all of your help during the bankruptcy. I really feel that I got excellent advice and service.
K.S. – Harleysville

Easy to work with. I went to Mr. Schroeder with a case that I thought was hopeless and he went the extra mile to meet my needs. He worked with my financial situation and helped to get me financially solvent. I moved out of state and remain grateful and impressed with his handy work.
E.C. – Lansdale