Three Critical Factors in Successful Personal Injury Cases – Advice from Our Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

Although personal injury lawsuits can vary in their forms and characteristics, the basic stages of the case tend to be similar in most situations. Understanding this process can be difficult and combined with the pain and stress which comes with personal injury, many people cave under the pressure.  Philadelphia personal injury lawyerWilliam D. Schroeder, Jr. understands this process inside and out and has highlighted the three most important factors in a successful personal injury case below.

Honesty and Consistency

The discovery process of a personal injury case will consist of your opposing counsel doing everything that they can to find inconsistencies and holes in your story. Remaining honest and providing all of the relevant factual documents relating to your injury is one of the most important factors of a successful personal injury case. All of your depositions and documents related to the case should be conducted and provided with the utmost level of honesty to ensure that you do not give your opposing counsel any ammunition to discredit your case or character.

Benefits of Settlements

  • Avoiding the public eye
  • Minimizing legal costs
  • Avoiding a trial


Insurance Companies

Settlements occur the most often when insurance companies are involved in the case. Luckily, most personal injury cases include insurance company involvement, so with the help of a good lawyer and a comprehensive understanding of the legal process, the chances of receiving a settlement are quite high. The reason for this is that insurance companies have the money to back up a settlement and most of the time they would rather go this route as opposed to going to trial and having to pay legal fees and other expenses.

Professional Help

As mentioned above, opposing counsels will do everything they can to poke holes in your story and get your case thrown out. Even a small error in your documents or an unintentional misstep during the court proceedings can give them the ability to do this. Hiring a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer from our firm to guide you through this process will ensure that you have everything in order and increase your chances of receiving a settlement.

William D. Schroeder, Jr.understands the stress of a personal injury case and the many ways that the process can go wrong. With the help and guidance of our Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, you can be assured that an experienced professional will help you understand what you need to do to get your settlement. For further questions or to speak with a lawyer, give us a call at (215) 822-2728.