Traffic Violations – How Our Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

Many people see being issued a traffic citation as an annoyance. These people feel that the fine is high, however there are no further implications. Most people will opt to pay the fine and take any points that may be added to their licenses, while others will go to traffic school to avoid or reduce their penalties. Certainly points on a license cause increased insurance costs. In many situations, being represented by a good Philadelphia criminal defense attorney like William D. Schroeder, Jr. can help you keep driving charges and points off your record, get a reduced penalty or have the citation dismissed.
A few of the areas in which a criminal defense attorney can help are:

Driving Privileges

Even minor traffic violations such as speeding tickets or parking in unauthorized areas can add up over time and lead to serious penalties. After accumulating enough points, you could have your driving privileges suspended or outright revoked. Hiring an attorney can help you avoid serious charges and get or keep your driving privileges. An attorney will also help defend you against more serious charges such as driving under the influence.

Jail Time

Continuing to drive after having your license suspended or revoked, driving under the influence or committing vehicular manslaughter can all lead to jail time. Our attorneys will review the specific circumstances of your case to give you a realistic estimate of the charges you will face as well as the potential to have them reduced.  Depending on the charges, with proper legal guidance and help, you could even be able to avoid jail time altogether through negotiation and a plea bargain. 

Criminal Record

A criminal record can limit your future possibilities, including having a serious impact on employment. In Philadelphia, a criminal defense attorney can help you sort through the charges and get the best result possible for you. Some jobs and opportunities could be denied to you based on a bad record. Depending on the specific nature of your case, an attorney may even be able to get your case expunged from the record.

Peace of Mind 

For some, minor traffic charges hold little significance. If the charges occur when there have been previous charges or the driver’s license is suspended, they can mean big trouble. In these situations, as well as more serious ones involving intoxication or injury, having a good attorney in your corner is a major benefit. Your attorney will walk you through the process, he/she will make contact with the local authorities and the prosecuting attorney, and help gather information that will be beneficial to your case.
If you’re being charged or fined for a traffic violation, no matter how big or small, Philadelphia criminal defense attorney William D. Schroeder, Jr. can help you face them and minimize the penalties. Even “small” charges can add up over time, so consulting with an attorney will help you make the best decisions. For more information or further questions, call JR Law today at (215) 822-2728.