Why you need a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney if you are charged with a crime

When you are charged with a crime, hiring a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney is your best bet to ensure that you get the legal service that you deserve. Many criminal defendants choose to hire a lawyer, especially if jail time is a possible outcome, and it is very difficult for someone without legal knowledge to properly defend themselves. William D. Schroeder, Jr. understands criminal law and has outlined below the importance of hiring an attorney.

Book Knowledge

Many people believe that reading criminal law and statutes on the internet or at the law library will give them the knowledge needed to represent themselves in court and fight their criminal charges. However, knowing the information in the books and using the knowledge properly in a courtroom are two entirely different things. Without legal training and real-world experience to accompany this knowledge, you could find yourself quickly lost and underrepresented.


A little known fact is that the prosecutor often decides which criminal charges to proceed with based on what happens in the initial criminal court hearings. For example, you may be charged with a specific crime and then have the charges change after court appearances if the prosecutor receives new information or finds that the charges have insufficient merit. A criminal defense attorney will help you understand how the process works because he/she is familiar with the laws and the local court procedures.


Community values and politics are additional factors that can influence a criminal case; the beliefs of those in the surrounding community can change a case and, depending on the community, you could be facing some tougher odds. Certain crimes may be viewed as relatively harmless in some areas whereas in others they may get the local population fired up. Understanding these values and politics and using them to shape your defense is crucial to ensuring your success in the courtroom. A Philadelphia attorney knows the local culture and will help you decide the best course of action.

A criminal attorney can negotiate deals with prosecutors, keep you in-tune with the details of the case and work with all of the legal facets of the case for your benefit. Your attorney can also help facilitate the best possible outcome for you at sentencing should you negotiate a plea or be convicted.

Philadelphia criminal defense attorney William D. Schroeder, Jr. has been helping people with criminal cases for 30 years. He will prepare for your hearings, collect information from witnesses, lawyers and other appropriate parties to ensure that you get the proper legal defense against your charges. Court representation is a difficult task and when you are the Defendant, facing criminal charges you will want to have an experienced attorney on your side. For more information or further questions, call (215) 822-2728.