A Word about Mortgage Modifications and the mortgage companie

I am sitting here reading a letter I received today from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and its mortgage modification program.  I have filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy for my client who lives in Willow Grove.  They have no interest in keeping their house because of certain circumstances.  We have never asked Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for a modification.  In fact, in their chapter 13 plan it is specifically states they are surrendering the property.

This letter reads “We carefully reviewed the information you sent us.  At this time, you do not meet the requirements of the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) because: After initially asking to be considered for a Home Affordable Modification, you withdrew that request.”

Now, doesn’t that beat all get out?  We never asked for it and specifically, do not want it.  Yet Wells Fargo Home Mortgage sends me this self-serving letter.  I am sure it reports to the government that “We tried to help the homeowner and it is the homeowner’s fault that they are not getting mortgage modification; it is nothing we did”  Keep that in mind the next time you read the quarterly and annual reports of the mortgage companies and they tell America how good they are doing.  They stink and judging from this letter and other similar situations, I believe they outright tell falsehoods.

If you have been having trouble with your mortgage and you are frustrated in your attempt at mortgage modification, you have very likely been sitting on the telephone for hours at a time and faxing and re-faxing and re-faxing again documents and been told that “Docs are stale; resend them.  You did not do this or did not do that”  These companies created a huge mess and I believe they purposefully understaffed the mortgage modification process from the very beginning in 2008.  They thought the problem was just going to go away and home prices would continue to rise and this would cover their egregious conduct.

Anyway, if what I have described above, hits home at all, make an appointment to talk with us.  Our office does have success with mortgage modification for those people who do want to keep their homes.  We solve your other debt problems as well and give you a fresh start.